Heat Treatment Equipment

Mesh Belt Continuous Quench Temper Furnace

Quench is heating of steel above its lower critical temperature and quenching in the proper medium ( Water, Oil or Air ) to produce martensite.

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Batch Type Gas Carburizing Furnace

Carburizing is sometimes called case hardening. It is a process by which carbon introduced to the surface of a ferrous alloy at an elevated temperature. It produce a case or outer of a higher carbon content which is made higher than the core by Quenching.

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Vacuum Hardening & Tempering Furnace

Vacuum Heat Treatment consists of thermally treating metals in heated enclosures that are evacuated to partial pressures. Vacuum is a substitute for the more commonly used protective gas atmospheres during part of the heat treatment cycles.

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Gas Nitrade Furnace

There are three types of Nitriding :

  1. Gas Nitriding
  2. Gas Nitro-Carburizing
  3. Gas Sulfur Nitriding

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PVD Coating Furnace

PVD ( Physical Vapor Deposition ) process utilizing the intensive energy of a vacuum arc, provides high speed deposition of film with superior hardness and strong adhesion to the substrate. The coating temperature for all special steels is between 300 - 500°C

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Other Treating Equipment

Batch Type Tempering Furnace
Vacuum Hydrocarbon Degreasing Machine
Subzero Equipment

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